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Welcome to the Victor Grankin’s Foundation for Support of Education and Sciences in Mariupol "Osvita Mariupola".

My name is Victor Grankin, I am a professor at the Priazovskyi State Technical University (PSTU) in Mariupol, Ukraine. I created the Foundation for support of education and sciences, one of the main goals of which is rehabilitation and support of the school and college students from the Mariupol area that suffered from military hostilities. The territory east of Mariupol is the subject of military confrontation for more than 2 years, with the frontline passing in some places just in 15 kilometers from the city. Numerous incidents of shelling the city and neighboring towns took place, tragically resulting in the substantial amount of civilian casualties, including children and students.

I got the idea for the foundation from my students Tatyana Gulina and Igor Kamishenko, whose master theses I was supervising in 2015 (I got 4 candidates for the master’s degree that year in total). Tanya Gulina had been at home when shells started to fall on the Mariupol’s soil. A direct hit totally destroyed the façade of her house, demolishing the balcony, blowing windows and scarring the living rooms with shell fragments and debris. It is hard to imagine the shock and horror of the young girl, raised in the 21st century in the European country.
Another student of mine, Igor Kamishenko, had been returning in a car with his mother from their summer cottage when he suddenly came under fierce shelling. One of the shells exploded near the car, throwing the auto into the air and turning it over. Igor was wounded and shell-shocked; he spent a lot of time in hospitals and still complains about headaches. It turned out, in a tragic turn of fate, that half of my four students became victims of the military hostilities. In total, more than 500 students in my university suffered from the hostilities in some way: became wounded, lost parents or relatives, survived an artillery shelling, escaped from their demolished homes etc).

Humanitarian situation in the Ukraine gets worse. The amount of officially registered refugees in Ukraine in January 2016 is 1695270 persons, including 215464 kids. In total, as a result of military hostilities at eastern Ukraine, a huge amount of civilians suffered – more than 3.7 million people and 580 thousand children. Many of these children were wounded and require prolonged medical attention and rehabilitation. Others were psychologically traumatized. Some kids lost their parents or close relatives, a lot of them were forced to move from their homes and now do not have suitable conditions of living and education. Many of the young students acquired the PTSD. They are afraid of open spaces and loud noises that can trigger panic attack. It makes difficult for them to continue their life journey and receive quality education. To return them to normal adolescent lives and provide an education, a psychological support and rehabilitation is needed. The UNICEF data suggests that psychological help is needed for about 300 thousand children traumatized as a result of military hostilities in Ukraine.

Another problem in education, by UNICEF data, is that every fifth school in eastern Ukraine was damaged or destroyed as a result of the military conflict. Mariupol and its neighboring towns are no exception. We need to rebuild, renovate and repair the affected schools to provide students with high-quality education, and also supply them with modern scientific and educational inventory. Charities can make a difference in the process of improving the dire situation with education, however, currently only 2% of the humanitarian aid to the eastern Ukraine supports education. It is simply not enough.

Mission statement

The main task of the foundation is to create conditions so that children, who are living in the war torn regions or suffer from military hostilities, have access to high-quality education, which they can use as a building block to improve their lives and form their future. We want to help as many students victimized by this conflict near Mariupol as we can, by helping them to get good education.
High level of education and science is the essential condition for country’s prosperity. The future of the state and the current young generation is substantially determined by cultural, scientific and technological development which is created at educational facilities like schools and universities, necessitating the investments in continuous education. Unfortunately, 60% of the young people want to live abroad and do not wish to stay and work in Ukraine.

This foundation is established with the aim of uniting the intellectual, financial and managerial efforts of Ukrainian and foreign entities to support the educational and scientific efforts. The other main mission is the direct support of the students that suffered in military hostilities in Mariupol area. The foundation is inviting to cooperation everyone who empathizes with the fate of the Ukrainian children who became victims in the military hostilities, everyone who is willing to participate and contribute towards the foundation goals, participate in the foundation’s programs or propose their own programs aligned with the foundation vision. Your support will bring undoubted benefits to the cause and will make this world a better place. Below, you may see a list of links with more detailed information about the situation in the eastern Ukraine near Mariupol.


Support of school and higher education, scientific research of young scientists.


Help to students and students affected by military operations in the Mariupol district


Establishment of scholarships for gifted students, students and post-graduate students


Providing charitable assistance to higher and secondary schools

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